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Depend on our expert guidance for modern, scalable solutions.

Navigating the minefield of engineering choices requires proven experience and this is what our members bring. Choose the platforms and methodologies that are fit for purpose and have confidence that your choice will lead to outcomes that deliver value.

How we help

Your Approach

Continue with your style. Your people hold engineering practices dear. We adapt to your approach and work with your ceremonies to reach the optimal outcome. We facilitate the improvement of your platforms with your team and on their terms.


Bring your architecture up to enterprise-grade standards. We help teams architect containerised solutions that scale in or down when unused.  High-performance architecture shouldn’t cost you money during the downtimes.


Improve the stability of your product and deliver features more reliably. Implementing engineering practices that optimise the delivery process often requires circuit-breaking thinking and we produce this.


Architect your microservices or single-API solution with confidence.  Gain expertise from industry leaders and create a foundation that grows with your enterprise. We will help you to find the balance between scalability and simplicity.

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