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Tech Director

Vova Bilyachat

Vova has a history of developing software solutions used by global organisations to reach and serve their own customers. These organisations range from Custom Fleet, who provide fleet management to over 35 countries around the world, to Nintex, whose process management software has become the standard for 40% of Fortune 500 businesses. Vova makes a point of asking “why” questions when building a solution, rather than blindly following the latest technology trend. That being said, he’s no stranger to Azure, Kubernetes, Angular and CI/CD pipeline management… just to name a few of his passions.

.NET Core




Spring Boot





Technical Lead

Coles Group

August 2020 – present

While working at Coles Group, Vova has been instrumental in upgrading Coles’ mobile app. Some of his key responsibilities include:

Full Stack Developer


September 2018 – July 2020

Architected both frontend and backend components of Vanguard’s “Personal Investor” solution, used by their clients to invest and manage millions of dollars’ worth of financial assets. Managing statistics for investor dashboard analytics, as well as transactional capabilities, were included in the applications requirements. Key technologies:

Lead Developer


September 2016 – September 2018

Consulted a wide variety of global software/service providers and government bodies, enabling the delivery of high-quality software and improvements to their technology practices.


With a focus on cloud and mobile solutions, engineered both back-end and front-end components for organisations such as DST Bluedoor, Custom Fleet, Nintex, Cointree, and the NSW Dept. of Education. Solution technologies and responsibilities included:

Lead Engineer


December 2013 – July 2016

Engaged to build the backbone of an integrated content search engine for a Danish service provider. The software proved to be so effective it was released to market and spawned a new brand: “Cludo”. Vova lead the engineering team who created it, then delivered attached services to customers as it was being adopted. Related technologies included:

Projects Vova has worked on:

Cointree's New Customer App Trades 100+ Cryptocurrencies With Blistering Speed
Engaged to rebuild Cointree’s ailing customer app, Vova re-engineered the software from the ground up, integrating it with external cryptocurrency providers and optimising it with event-driven, scalable APIs. Previously supporting a single currency and prone to complaints regarding speed, the new application allowed customers to trade over a hundred currencies and clocked in at speeds averaging 90 milliseconds.
Taking Coles’ Mobile App Into The Future
One of Vova’s key responsibilities at Coles has been the development and improvement of the Backend which serves data for Coles mobile app. Vova and his team inherited lots of legacy code as part of the development process, and they’ve needed to improve the code, as well as deliver new functionality on time. This involved a complete rewrite of the app, as well as improving the current processes and services. Now, Coles’ app has gone above and beyond market standard thanks to Vova and his team’s effort.

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Bachelor of Software Engineering

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