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Lead Engineer

Richard Barker

Richard knows what he loves about being a software engineer: delivering value to the customer and seeing his solutions in action. He has spent 15 years building elegant solutions for clients and knows how to get results. His work is guided by what delivers value to the customer. He’s a passionate functional programmer with a can-do attitude and enjoys finding elegant solutions to complex problems. Richard loves a challenge and can conceptualise and implement a strategic vision to achieve the best result for your company. He has a particular love for Clojure, which is a functional programming language. He’s used it in creating APIs for Qantas and Australia Post, and he’s ready to do the same for your business.




API Development


Functional Programming





Senior Engineer


July 2020 – September 2020

Richard was involved in creating a way to further protect customer transactions. He was able to come in with a clear purpose and deliver a great result for NAB. He was involved in building a real-time credit card transaction fraud detection system software that will help countless customers going forward.

Senior Software Engineer


July 2018- April 2020

As part of the search team at Qantas Hotels, Richard worked on the back-end APIs powering the platform. He was involved in APIs to support hotel search and merchandising, as well as exposing inventory to advertising partners. The hotel website is a way for people to spend their Frequent Flyer points and Richard was instrumental in developing solutions that put the customer’s needs first. Key wins include:

Key Technologies: Clojure, AWS ECS/ECR, Terraform, Docker, ElasticSearch, Kinesis

Senior Software Engineer

Australia Post

September 2013 – June 2018

While at Australia Post, Richard was involved in automating services to streamline administration duties. He was instrumental in increasing connectivity between teams. He was also able to make a significant impact on Australia Post’s customer experience, helping them to provide a better service to Australians everywhere. Key wins included:

Key Technologies: Clojure, Microservices, AWS platform, Lambda, StepFunctions, API Gateway, DynamoDB, CloudFormationCase

Projects Richard has worked on:

Developing A Single Sign-On For The Digital Mailbox
Australia Post had been wanting to unify their digital mailbox sign-in with the rest of their website so that customers could use one log in for both. However, long-running attempts were proving unsuccessful. Richard was able to implement a simple but not obvious solution that leveraged the existing authentication layer and provided a seamless experience for the customer.
Qantas Hotels – Getting Customers The Best Value On Their Frequent Flyer Points
While working at Qantas, Richard was involved in ensuring customers were getting the right results when searching for hotels through their hotel website. He worked on a platform for hotel merchandising via targeted destinations. For example, if customers were looking for the best deals on hotels in San Francisco in the next 3 months, Richard’s team was responsible for ensuring the searches were providing them with the best results possible. The outcome? A cheaper deal for customers and loyal customers for Qantas; a true win-win.
How Updating Weighbridges Saved Visy Recycling Millions Of Dollars
Visy was installing barrier arms at their recycling stations which would ensure the trucks carrying the material to be recycled were actually on the weighbridge, when they both entered and exited. This made sure that the trucks were not off the weighbridge when exiting, otherwise they could have paid for a larger load of recycling. He reprogrammed the weighbridges and was able to test run the software at different recycling stations. The result? A saving of $10 million per year. Not a bad effort at all.

Publications and References


Oracle Certified Expert – Java EE6 Web Component Developer

Oracle Certified Master – Java SE 6 Developer

Oracle Certified Expert – Java EE6 Web Component Developer

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