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Head of Development – Front End

Alex Trinh

Over a decade’s worth of experience as a Technical Lead/Developer has allowed Alex to understand how to put the customer’s needs first. When it comes to developing a new piece of software, his experience with UX means he has an objective-driven, user-focused approach. He is able to work out what is ideal for both the end user and the business – and marries these two approaches in everything he does. Alex enjoys breaking down a complex task into simple parts and making it both understandable and manageable for his team. This drives his leadership style, because he’s always leading by example. Turning an abstract task into concrete actions means he can handle any project, no matter what the size or scale – and he brings his agile philosophy to every team he joins.




Back End (PHP/SQL)

System Integration

Technical Analysis

Information Architecture





Senior Front-End Developer


July 2019 – 2020

While working at ReadCloud, Alex was able to come in and take over from their main developer on their main project. Alex was instrumental in improving the company’s ReadCloud Reader, an innovative way for educators to streamline their in-classroom resources. While at ReadCloud, Alex was able to:

Freelance React Developer

Various Customers – Tokyo, Japan

July 2018- April 2020

A sabbatical in Tokyo allowed Alex to experience a different country and culture, while continuing to work. Given the universal nature of code, he was able to work with other developers and have a mutual understanding of what was going on – while not necessarily speaking fluent Japanese. It’s a testament to his ability to integrate into any team across the globe. The highlight of his stay in Japan was a six-month period at LanCul assisting with fixing their internal toolkit, including:

Technical Strategist/Senior Developer

BBE Melbourne


At BBE Melbourne, Alex was able to work across a range of accounts – including helping Medibank develop an end-to-end Salesforce solution to deliver personalised content to each Medibank user. Alex was instrumental in:

Projects Alex has worked on:

Building An Advanced eReader For Use In The Most Advanced Classrooms
Alex was instrumental in enhancing the performance of the ReadCloud Reader, across all platforms and browsers: iOS/Android, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, just to name a few. The software was heavily optimised to meet real-time standards. Alex conducted a thorough code review to fix up any underlying issues and bugs. He also created a one-size-fits-all approach, which involves encasing a web app inside a native shell – rather than building a separate app for mobile devices. With over 100,000 users, Alex was able to assist teachers in educating the next generation, using the cutting-edge technology of the ReadCloud Reader.
Giving Qantas Customers Answers Right At Their Fingertips
Qantas wanted to develop a chat bot to solve an important problem – customers constantly asking the same questions. Alex was able to reduce the load on their customer service team, freeing them up to answer more complex enquiries. Alex and his team used Zendesk to find the most common issues and questions asked by customers and fed this data through an AI.API to turn the data into branches people could follow. Customers could then get the answers they needed faster, without waiting to speak to a customer service rap. Everyone was a winner.
While at TransUrban (then known as Citylink), Alex discovered that everything was built in Java, with a rigid back end. He was able to lead the team in a front-end conversion and, while they didn’t have much experience with front-end/UX development, he was able to build a front end so that they could hook in, without modifying their back end, which was far harder to change. Alex was able to take a lot of the development load and improve the back end’s life cycle. Whatever the problem, Alex can find a solution.



Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics)

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