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Cloud Architecture

Now is the best time to do it right.

As organisations adopt and expand into the public cloud, they face a raft of challenges that can sometimes make it difficult to scale business critical systems and maintain innovation at pace.


Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities we can help you take advantage of along the way.

How we help

Cloud Platform Strategy

Together we’ll map out a plan specific to your cloud of choice, including what to do with legacy apps, which APIs and microservices to develop, and what it will all mean to your business.

App and Data Migration

Moving resources to the cloud isn’t only about ongoing functionality and risk mitigation; it’s also an opportunity for data cleansing and consolidation, as well as the integration of legacy apps.

DevOps Best Practice

We’ll ensure you’re able to transact and release products and services at pace, by establishing processes that keep your development and IT teams in sync and your APIs easily consumable and secure.

Infrastructure Design

We’ll help you design and extend your cloud architecture, defining the components and virtual resources you’ll need in your tenancy to meet your performance requirements.

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