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About Us

Restive Tech was formed with the goal to reimagine the traditional world of consulting.

Welcome to the future of business. Welcome to Restive Tech

When major projects require specialised skills that are outside of your organisation, it’s not easy to find the right talent for the job. That’s when we come in. We are a full-service strategic collective who provide you with access to the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Our philosophy

Our unique approach will bring specialised capabilities into your
organisation without the significant costs of going through a major consultancy. And because our consultants go through a strict selection process, you’ll only work with highly proficient people who meet the technical, analytical and
strategic skills that are required for the problem you’re trying to solve.


Restive (adjective)

Align your biggest tech projects with the right people in Strategy, Design, Product, and Delivery.

All of our consultants and strategists are specialists in their chosen field, with a history of delivering successful projects across these areas of focus: Engineering, User Experience and Design, Cloud Architecture, Agile Delivery, DevOps Tools and Processes, Data and Analytics.


Our Founders

Restive Tech is the result of an unlikely but fitting coming-together of two driven and like-minded individuals; a collision of passion, know-how and shared philosophies and values.


You have Angel Cindy, a rebellious firebrand and creative force, and Stuart Oliver, a calm and savvy tech entrepreneur. Intuitively, Angel and Stuart knew they were stronger — and better — together than as individuals, embracing their disparate cultural backgrounds and their shared philosophies and values.


In forming Restive Tech, Angel and Stuart saw an opportunity to build a forward-thinking business, one that would challenge norms, make the complex simple, infuse EQ into IQ and balance literal with lateral. More importantly, they saw Restive Tech as a figurative house in which a collection of elite, passionate and tech-savvy talent could flourish in a supportive, nurturing, familial environment. It’s a people-first philosophy that the founders feel is the future, but one that can exist now.


In 2020, when Angel and Stuart came together, Restive Tech came to be — a shining light of an enterprise, and a shiny example of how, in this modern world, businesses can be made better and become much more than businesses: they can be a home and a haven in which people matter as much as ideas and the profit motive. A place where passion, know-how, technology-driven innovation and good old-fashioned family values collide to produce the best possible results.


Welcome to the future of business. Welcome to Restive Tech.

Stuart Oliver

Co-founder and Managing Director

Angel Cindy

Co-founder and Brand Director


Our Operations Team

Critical to the success of Restive Tech are the operations team responsible for the day-to-day running of the business, dedicated to provide the best support to our network of clients and partners.

Stuart Oliver

Co- Founder & Managing Director


Angel Cindy Oliver

Co-founder & Brand Director

Vova Bilyachat

Tech Director

Alex Trinh

Head of Development – Front End

Abraham Briceno
Director of Product & Culture
Thai Ngo

Senior Consultant Advisor

Natalie Piscopo

Talent Acquisition Manager

Anne Tachado

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Felisha Mendoza Mina

Marketing Manager

Emma Hoang

Project Coordinator


Our Framework

Ushering in the
talent economy

As the nature of modern IT projects has become more transient, businesses need to react quickly to market conditions and shift in new directions. If your team lacks the bandwidth or skills to deliver mission critical projects in-house, you need consultants with the competence to seamlessly jump on board and get things done without the eye-watering bills that come along with traditional tech consultancies.

Nothing hits the
target like talent

We recognise the very best IP lives in the individual, not the organisation. When you put the right person on a project, magic happens every time.

This is our recipe
for success – simple, lean and reliable

Set the Strategy
One of our principal consultants works with you to understand your biggest challenges and opportunities, define a strategy that will meet your goals, and scope out an initial phase of work.
Assemble the Team
Our account team coordinates with the principal consultant to put together the perfect team for the job, full of Restive Tech members. We then initiate and onboard the team with you.
Own the Outcomes
We ensure you get the right outcomes by providing technical guidance and delivery management along the way. We work beside your team, helping you raise your internal capability while retaining your intellectual property.

Restive Tech’s exclusive team is comprised of Australia’s most elite technologists who we are ready to unleash their potential to grow your organisation.  Get in touch and schedule a meeting with our team to start building your Restive Tech ‘game plan’.


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